A new book is a’coming! Finally!

So after many years, a new Happy Lesbian Housewife book is finally on its way. The contract is coming and then it will be available for all you wonderful people. You are wonderful aren’t you? Well, if you’re not sure, buy my books and that will make you wonderful people. It will also make you laugh and forget some of the shit that is going on in this crazy world right now. C’mon, we all need a good laugh.

Now, go below and listen to Purty Titties in my own southern drawl or read Real Dykes Don’t Vagazzle and just laugh. Forget about Covid and masks and lockdowns for just a few minutes. Then, when you find yourself giggling hysterically, go to Amazon, Sapphire Books or Bella Books and buy the first book in the series if you haven’t already and guffaw until you pee a little in your pants. It’ll do you good.

Real dykes don’t vajazzle

I called Sweetie to tell her what I had discovered and where I was going and that I felt that it was now my civic duty to bring this activity to the lesbian community much as Jennifer Love Hewitt brought it to the heterosexual community. Sweetie, however, does not necessarily feel the way that I do. I do believe her words were something like, “You are one CRAZY woman!”

I was not to be deterred. Off I headed to town to purchase some gorgeous, vivid, pre-pasted jewels so that Sweetie and I could do our part for ALV or  “The Advancement of Lesbian Vajazzling.” (I just made that up, I’m smart like that!) Ahhh, well, I know that it is my duty to share with the world the things that I find intriguing, stimulating, fascinating, and interesting. Sweetie just does not understand that yet. She will. I hope. Soon. Until then, I will just hold her hand and lead her happily down the path of discovery. Whether she wants to travel that path or not. She will do this with me… and she will enjoy it damn it!